A Check Up From The Neck Up

Ever feel like you’re going C-R-A-Z-Y?!

Stress is coming at your from every direction. So instead of feeling confident and in control, you’re frazzled and highly reactive to events around you. Like a car skidding on ice, your emotions are driving you, instead of the other way around.

Forget anti-anxiety drugs and years of psychotherapy.

Instead, try out the powerful treatment offered by renowned brain coach Paula Oleska, who has created a life-changing pathway to unleashing what she calls your Maverick Mindset:

“Imagine what it would be like,” she says, “ to have the inner strength to sail through conflicts… to be unaffected by other people’s incompetence, lack of cooperation, or hostility… to go home at the end of the day relaxed and ready to have peaceful interactions with your spouse and your children”

Sounds great, right?!

“Instead of feeling like you’re floundering, unmotivated, and frustrated with your unending ‘to do’ list, I get you back on track, with crystal-clear focus and enhanced motivation so that you can finally gets things done effortlessly.”

But how? All the answers are in Paula’s revolutionary audio program, Your Secret Brain. In it, Paula teaches how the three layers of the brain are driving everything we think, feel, and do.

The first brain “layer” is the Reptilian, the Behavioral Brain, the oldest of the three, that controls our body’s vital functions and the instinct for self-preservation. It’s our gut meant to keep us safe and secure.

Then there’s the Limbic brain that controls emotions, empathy and parental reactions. That’s our heart.

So often, people report that when they become emotional, their emotional reactions hijack their ability to think clearly and make rational decisions, which leads to…

…the third layer of the brain, the Neocortex, or the Thinking Brain, which controls logic and abstract thoughts.

Paula gets you acquainted with all part of your brain! And in just hours, by integrating mind-body techniques and four very simple gentle physical activities, her program modifies extreme emotional reactions, calming down the Limbic brain and restoring our ability to think clearly and make better decisions.

So anytime anger or fear or intense resentment surface, using her 15-minute program, Paula leads you to having all three parts of your brain work in harmony, so that you can achieve the results you want in life. You will even feel physically healthier, since so many ailments are related to emotional distress.

As for those intense emotions, they’re triggered, she says, by a need that is not being met.

“Once your discover what that need is underneath the emotional reaction, you can learn to meet that need, so that you will never have that emotional again in that situation.”

Voila: Master your emotions and you will be able to resolve conflicts, improve your communications, and have better relationships in business and in your personal life,” she says. It’s a stunning promise. The result is a calmer, more confident, stress-free you.

To see Paula in action and learn more about her transformative work, don’t miss her New York City appearance on March 15th at the Maximize Your Influence Conference. I’ll be there too, talking about how writing a book is a tremendous marketing opportunity.