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Glenn in the recording booth recording Katie Up and Down the Hall

Essential in today’s publishing world is the production of a high-quality AUDIOBOOK, a complete recording of your written work. This digital recording can be enjoyed alongside a print or ebook edition or completely on its own.  It can be sold on Amazon’s platform Audible, on iTunes,, and many others. As a special bonus, it’s also the perfect giveaway to clients and social media followers. For sure, it’s a brand-booster, a very personal record of the written word.

There is a complex art and science to producing an audiobook, which must be consistent in overall sound and formatting, and include opening and closing credits, plus a retail audio sample for marketing.

During the many different phases of production, the producer, director, engineer, and editor all collaborate to create the finished product with the author.  A typical book of 65,000 words will take approximately 3-days to record, depending on the individual narrator or narrators. The author can choose to read the text, or a professional voice talent can be hired.

It’s vital to capture this segment of the market for the millions of consumers who rely upon audio books for education and entertainment. In fact, one in five Americans now listen to audiobooks regularly, making it the fastest growing sector in publishing. Most important, an audio edition of your book is the most personal way to preserve your creative work for generations to come.

Glenn provides client access to award-winning Audiobook producer, director and creative consultant May Wuthrich, who offers an all-inclusive service, including engineering and studio facilities and hiring of veteran voiceover artists who are able to read any book with dramatic authority.

May Wuthrich

May Wuthrich is a veteran media executive with a rich background in theater, film, and traditional book publishing. This range of experience offers a unique insider perspective on what it takes to produce a quality program and a first-rate performance.

She’s an award-winning producer/director of nearly 400 audiobooks, published by Penguin, Random House, Listening Library, Books on Tape, Audible, Brilliance, Hachette, HarperCollins, Blackstone, and Live Oak Media. She works across all genres, recording, award-winning actors, audiobook pros, first-time narrators, and authors.

Casting is one of the most important factors affecting the success of an audio program, and may involve the use of a single voice, multiple readers or a full cast. May auditions suitable actors and is available to coach authors reading their own books. She also supervises all aspects of post-production, starting with the precision art of editing and includes mastering and quality control. She hires editors and proofers who share her high standards and commitment to delivering a final master, on budget and on time.

“Excellence,” notes Wuthrich, “begins with preparation and research. A thorough reading and analysis of your book is followed by in-depth discussions with you and your publisher about the recommended approach for each unique project.”

To schedule an initial consultation with May and Glenn, call Glenn or please fill in the contact form here.

My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem
Read by Debra Winger, Introduction read by the author.

Debra Winger reading:

My Dark Vanessa: A Novel by by Kate Elizabeth Russell
Read by Grace Gummer