Client Testimonials
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Call Now: 917-744-3193

“[Nantucket Golf Club] is exactly what I expected: EXCELLENT!! It is perfectly suited to memorialize the creation of NGC for the enlightenment of our present and future members. Many thanks for your great work!”

Fred Green, President of the Nantucket Golf Club

“Just finished reading [Nantucket Golf Club] cover to cover. A Masterpiece!!!”

– Ed Hajim

“As far as the actual writing of this book is concerned, I want to thank my brilliant collaborator, best-selling author, Glenn Plaskin, who created a fluent narrative that captured my voice and experiences. His diligence, insight, and commitment to the project made him altogether indispensable. In the many months working together, we developed a true friendship.”

Dr. Frank Veith– Author

“ I offer a world of thanks to my brilliant collaborator, the one and only “Glenn P,” bestselling author Glenn Plaskin. His keen insight and literary skill are altogether indispensable. A true virtuoso in every way.”

Pastor Gregory Dickow – Author
Soul Sure: How To Heal Your Pain And Discover Your Purpose

“As far as the actual production of this book is concerned, I want to thank my amazing collaborator, best-selling author Glenn Plaskin, who helped me formulate a coherent account of my life. Glenn was invaluable as a source of insight and literary genius. He worked with me to recount many years of complicated twists and turns that would have confused anyone. I am grateful for his patience and diligence, but mostly for his talent and for the friendship we developed while writing this book together.”

Dr Steven Cyr – Author
Cutthroat: A Surgeon’s Fight against Big Government, Corrupt Businessmen, and a Broken Healthcare System

“I am indebted to Glenn Plaskin, the author of many famous books. I was thrilled that he took the job. As I discovered, he can meld a couple of thoughts into a narrative that brings events back to life. Having him as a collaborator has meant a great deal to me. In this world, should another opportunity arise, I would go straight to him for his perspective, talent, and advice.”

Peter F. Shields – Author
For Pete’s Sake: A Life Beyond My Wildest Dreams

“Glenn Plaskin was a pleasure to work with and I am completely happy with the result. I knew that before I started on this journey, I would need a ghostwriter who would be easy to work with and able to help me tell my personal story in a compelling way. Glenn took what I wrote and turned it into a professionally-written narrative that is sure to inspire and motivate readers for years to come.”

Carlos E. Vieira – Author
Knockin’ Doorz Down

“Glenn Plaskin is a brilliant writer, thinker, and an indefatigable collaborator. If you want your book done professionally and on time, Glenn is the person who will get it done.”

–Ed Hajim
Wall Street CEO, Author of On The Road Less Traveled: An Unlikely Journey from the Orphanage to the Boardroom

“As far as the production of my book is concerned, a heartfelt thanks to Glenn Plaskin, who has brought his unique literary skill to the story of how we created our company. His understanding of human psychology has been a great asset in recounting the dramatic highs and lows that fill this story. He’s become a great friend for life.”

Carinne Chambers-Saini
CEO & Founder of Diva International, author of An Inner Revolution, Period

“A huge thank you to Glenn. His vision and help in writing this memoir has been an unbelievable experience. I could’ve never done it on my own. Glenn’s insight is brilliant and the countless hours we’ve talked over the many months have also been unexpectedly therapeutic. He’s become a great friend for life.”

Frank V, Fiume Jr.
Founder and CEO of i9 Sports, author of Running With My Head Down

“My deepest thanks to Glenn Plaskin–who is a brilliant artist, literary whiz and most importantly, a true friend. His passion for excellence and meaningful insight was inspiring and unrivaled. His skill, efficiency, and sense of humor were altogether indispensable in the production of this book!”

Pastor Gregory Dickow
Life Changers International Church, author of The Power To Change Today

“A huge thanks to Glenn. He is amazing, and his vision, writing, and editorial skills are truly brilliant, second to none! He has become a lifelong friend to me and to my staff.”

Steven R. Adams Esq
Author of Practice Law Like an Iron Man, Unbeatable checklists for any Lawyer Creating and Building a Solo or Small Practice

“Glenn Paskin captures your voice like no other writer. No one can take your thoughts and ideas and put them on paper like he can. He’s a joy to work with and an absolute master with words. “

– James Curry
Executive Producer at CNN and Author of A Man Before His Time

“Thanks Glenn for making this possible. Your flair and delightful style are palpable everywhere.”

Dr. Nabil Fanous – Author
The Universal Rules Of Life: 27 Simple Secrets for Managing Your Time Your Work and Your Stress

“Glenn totally captured my unique story as a filmmaker with multiple sclerosis, a cinematic book that he brought to life with his literary skill, astute listening ability, and real compassion. It was a great experience from beginning to end.”

Jason DaSilva
Emmy Award-winning director, producer, disability rights activist, author of Walk With Me, The Heroic Story Of A Young Man’s Race Against The Clock

“Glenn went above and beyond in not only his expert writing and editing, but helping with insightful support, resources and referrals throughout the publishing process. I highly recommend Glenn.”

Dr. Josh Wagner
Author of You Deserve It, The Missing Answer To The Life You Want

“Glenn was very professional and a pleasure to work with. He listened to my story and worked with me closely, helping me to craft my thoughts and words into a memoir that is a treasure to me and to my family. I highly recommend him. In addition, I made a friend.”

Faith Peterson
Founder of the Beacon Center, author of Razing The Bar, The Story of A Woman Who Grew Up In A Bar, Turning Adversity Into A Calling

“Glenn’s report was incredibly detailed, chapter by chapter. Particularly helpful were his suggestions for turning an average sentence into a tightly-focused one. He also gave me a list of things to tighten up, questions to answer, and content suggestions. It was invaluable.”

– Ann McIndoo
Author, Speaker, Writing Coach, author of So You Want To Write

“Glenn Plaskin’s manuscript critique and review was right on target! Glenn’s in-depth report was extensively detailed, providing analysis and suggestions for improvement of one of our manuscripts.As a publisher, having access to Glenn makes our books better. We have gained a great deal by working with Glenn, and I am confident that you will too.”

Adam D. Witty
CEO Advantage Media Group

“A good editor is known for his or her decisive candor balanced by a caring commitment to a person success. I have experienced those qualities in your critique of my manuscript. Within days of receiving your report, I reworked my book with a new sense of confidence and renewed commitment to meeting my deadline. Thank you, Glenn.”

Mike Tate
Vantage Associates, Inc.– Management Consultants

“I asked Glenn to do a manuscript review for my first book. I am so glad I did! His feedback started at the macro level on the structure and flow of the book, and the