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Call Now: 917-744-3193
Glenn Plaskin Ghostwriter Working With Edward Kennedy

Glenn Interviewing Senator Edward Kennedy

The critique of your preliminary draft will be a detailed Analysis and Review Report of approx. 5,000 words. The fee for the report is based upon the length and complexity of the manuscript, usually starting at $2500. The final report includes:

• A broad overall assessment pinpointing strengths and weaknesses related to structure, style, and content.

• A chapter-by-chapter analysis of how effectively your main messages have been transmitted and focused.

• How and where to expand content to improve continuity and pacing.

• Tips on using language to capture your unique voice more effectively.

• Before-and-after examples of rewritten sentences – demonstrating the recommended changes, giving you a head start towards revising and shaping your manuscript into its most polished form for final editing.

Glenn Plaskin Ghostwriter

Glenn Working With Barbara Walters

Sample Reviews

Book #1, conceived as a cutting edge business manual that goes beyond standard management principles to exploring the personality traits and psychological habits of anyone in the work place. The premise here is that by understanding these underlying forces, a company can establish better communication and enhance productivity. – Full Review

Book #2, conceived as a handbook to be used during motivational seminar presentations and it draws upon a variety of self-help principles for marshaling inner resources in order to realize any life goal. – View Excerpt

Book #3 is “SO YOU WANT TO WRITE”– a practical, easy-to-follow guide for anyone wanting to write their first book. – View Excerpt

Book #4 is an autobiographical work about a woman’s challenge in releasing a “black spell” that had thwarted her emotional development, allowing her to move forward into a happier, more fulfilled life. – View Excerpt

Book #5 is a leadership guide written by the CEO of a corporation designed to enlighten both new and experienced business owners. –  View Excerpt