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Call Now: 917-744-3193

Writing a book is a decision that requires a significant commitment of time and energy. It’s a collaboration that will last six to ten months. And for me, it’s a full-time job.

The fee for ghostwriting your book depends on the length of the book, the amount of time involved, the number of interviews, research, writing, re-writing, editing, and copy-editing. It’s like building a house from the ground up.

My fee is all-inclusive, guaranteed not to change, and covers all writing, research, consultation, transcription costs, editing, copy-editing, and follow up. It also includes consultation with publishers, publicists, and digital marketing experts. So from inception to book launch, I’m here for you all the way.

All the terms for the scope of the work are summarized in the Author/Ghostwriter contract, a basic work for hire agreement which details the terms of engagement, the time frame, the delivery schedule, copyrights, and warranties. (Sample contracts available upon request.)

According to its terms, the fee is typically paid in (3) installments spread out over the length of the project in advance of each succeeding phase of the work.

Note: You own the copyrights and all versions of the book—the hardcover, softcover, audio, E-book, foreign and motion picture rights.

In many cases, the cost of ghostwriting can be tax deductible. (Check with your own accountant or CPA.)

Prices available upon request.


Books that capture your unique life experience.

Business Excellence

Your legacy, a book summarizing leadership principles and vision.

Self-help or Motivation

‘How-to-‘ books incorporating step-by-step concise direction, ideal for public speakers who need a back-of-the-room product to sell.


Meditative faith-based books that draw on any religious tradition, about fulfillment, love, gratitude, grace, forgiveness.


Books about relationships, recovering from life challenges, changing attitudes and old habits.

Health & Diet, Exercise or Longevity

Books about mind, body, and soul.

Celebrity Autobiography/Corporate Portraits.

Full-length celebrity memoir dramatizing milestone events, books appropriate commercial publication.

Autobiographical Scrapbook

A short-format book of 50-75 pages illustrated with photographs and letters, with a narrative text to match.

Book Proposals

For commercial publication, Glenn produces a 50-page Book Proposal for submission to literary agents. Samples available here.