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Glenn Plaskin Ghostwriter at Book Expo America

Glenn at Book Expo America Debut “Katie” book

Playboy: “One of the few interviewers we turn to with full confidence. Glenn establishes trust, he’s an exceptional listener, and has an unparalleled track record of news making profiles.”

Family Circle: “Glenn is the kind of writer that gets it right on the first take. He is gifted at interviewing both celebrities and experts on psychological subjects – and is a master at service journalism. My top editors consider him one of the best in the business.”

Celebrity Service: “When it comes to the brutally competitive world of celebrity journalism, no one is more successful at nailing down the big names than entertainment reporter Glenn Plaskin.

Los Angeles Times: “Plaskin’s effort is successful… It is done well, even masterfully.”

Chicago Tribune: “An absorbing well-written and well-balanced portrait…as delicious as a good detective thriller.”

The Washington Post: “Plaskin proceeds to write with discretion, scholarship, and a sense of proportion…He is an honest biography.”

The New York Times: “A well-researched biography that will throw much light on the man and the artist.”

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