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The bestselling biography of legendary pianist Vladimir Horowitz, “done masterfully,” Los Angeles Times, “as delicious as a good detective thriller,” Chicago Tribune.

Turning Point:
Pivotal Moments In The Lives Of 120 American Celebrities, featured on Oprah, “wonderful interviews, a must for insiders,” Liz Smith.

Katie Up And Down The Hall:
Glenn’s bestselling memoir about how his dog turned five neighbors into a family, book launch hosted by Calvin Klein.

Inner Strength:
Harnessing the Power of Your Six Primal Needs, a motivational guide to master emotional forces, which are the driving force behind all human action.


The Power To Change Today:
A faith-based self-help inspirational book about ending dissatisfaction once and for all, leading the satisfied life.


Glow In The Dark:
[Proposal] Uncensored Reflections by Kanye West, both poetic and practice in its distinctive perspective on life, capturing his wit, playful irony and biting insight.


The 10 Lies you Learn Growing Up with Domestic Violence, and the Truths to Set You Free, an authoritative portrait of domestic violence in America.


Practice Law Like An Ironman:
Unbeatable Checklists Written By A Triathlon For Any Lawyer Building A New Practice.

Running With My Head Down:
[Family Legacy Edition] A memoir of perseverance and the search for purpose by the nation’s pioneer in the youth sports industry.

Running With My Head Down:
[Commercial Business Edition] An Entrepreneur’s Story of Passion, Perseverance, and Purpose, a motivational memoir that reveals the secrets to finding your life mission.

You Deserve It:
A human psychology classic proving your reality is a reflection of what you believe you deserve; what you think you’re entitled to.

Razing The Bar:
The inspirational story of a woman who grew up in a bar, turning early loss and addiction into a calling to help others as a leader in addiction recovery.

Knockin Doorz Down:
A gripping memoir about one man’s heroic struggle against addiction, offering a timeless message about redemption, fortitude and resilience. We watch the author transform into a philanthropist, an accomplished businessman (with his own 51FIFTY brand) and a race car driver.

The Road Less Traveled:
A gripping memoir by a Wall Street legend who triumphs over childhood adversity to create an investment empire and a philanthropic mission to serve others

Diva Redefined:
How two entrepreneurial women disrupted the menstrual care Industry by creating a multi-national corporation, making them leaders of the menstrual equity movement.

Staying Alive: Surviving Abuse, Fighting a War and Beating Cancer – My First Twenty-Five Years
CNN producer James Curry’s riveting autobiography about surviving childhood domestic violence, homophobia, the Iraq War, and cancer, becoming the youngest producer ever hired by CNN.

For Pete’s Sake 
A 480-page family legacy book that traces the remarkable life of a steel tycoon who created a booming business from the ground up, leaving a lasting message of true grit for his 17 grandchildren.

The Universal Rules of Life
A renowned plastic surgeon shares his indispensable secrets for living life with less stress, more joy and more productivity.