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Everyone has a book inside them

…just waiting to be written. In fact, 81% of all Americans say they want to write a book, but never knew how to get started. Maybe you’ve considered writing a memoir, a motivational guide, a family history, or a book about your company, but never knew how to get started.

My process makes it fast and simple.

I outline the story, interview you from start to finish, tape-record it all, and then write the entire book, delivering a finished manuscript, ready for publication.

The result is a lasting legacy for you and your family. And it can become a reality, with no time wasted.

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How it works

You tell me your idea. We discuss it in detail. Then we begin a series of phone conversations that map out the book. It's easy and fun. I help you focus and organize your thoughts. We define your vision and outcome. You provide materials you already have, such as notes, diaries, and background research. I produce a comprehensive outline--a storyboard--that captures the content and structure of your book.

Then, over a period of approximately 30 days, we dictate the entire manuscript using the outline as our guide. I guide you through each chapter by following a customized script I prepare for the process.

I complete all necessary research (which can include speaking with other people key to your story.) And finally, I create a narrative text that captures your unique voice and style.

The result is a book of approximately 250 pages, a finished product that is edited, copy-edited, mistake-free, and delivered to you in five months or less. Now it's ready for commercial or self-publication.

Expertly written, powerful and dramatic, your published book becomes a gift you can share with everyone. In fact, some of the best books and movies are based upon real life stories, just like yours.

To learn more about Glenn's process, download Glenn’s Step-by-Step Bookwriting Process

What would you like to write?

  • Autobiography or Memoir: Books that capture your unique life experience
  • Psychology: Books about relationships, recovering from life challenges, changing attitudes and old habits, feeling happier
  • Self-help or Motivation: 'How-to' books incorporating step-by-step concise direction, ideal for public speakers who need a back-of-the-room product to sell.
  • Inspiration: Meditative, faith-based books that draw on any religious tradition, about fulfillment, love, gratitude, grace, forgiveness.
  • Health & Diet, Exercise or Longevity: Books about mind, body and soul
  • Business Excellence: Your legacy, a book summarizing leadership principles and vision.

No matter what kind of book you'd like to write, your vision will be realized, the final product ready for publication within just five months.

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Books by Glenn include

  • Katie Up And Down The Hall: A memoir about how one dog turned five neighbors into a family
  • Turning Point: Pivotal Moments In The Lives Of America's Celebrities
  • Practice Law Like An Ironman: Unbeatable Checklists For Any Lawyer Building A Solo or Small Practice
  • Horowitz: The Biography of Vladimir Horowitz
  • The Power To Change Today: A Christian-Based inspirational book about how to lead a satisfied life
  • Running With My Head Down: An inspirational business memoir about one man's search for purpose

More about Glenn

Bestselling ghostwriter Glenn Plaskin specializes in writing non-fiction books-- memoir, business, self-help, leadership, and inspiration. He has collaborated with public speakers, CEO's, adventurers, and celebrities-- anyone with a unique story to tell.

His profiles and columns have appeared in the New York Times, the Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Family Circle, US Weekly, Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan, W, and Playboy.

His interview subjects have included such figures as Katharine Hepburn, Nancy Reagan, Calvin Klein, Senator Edward Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Leona Helmsley, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Donald Trump, Al Pacino, and Meryl Streep. His TV appearances include The Today Show, Oprah, and Larry King Live. He lives in New York City.


A native of Buffalo, N.Y. Plaskin was first trained as a classical pianist, studying under the renowned Kennedy Center honoree Leon Fleisher. With a dramatic change of career in his mid-20's, he began writing culture profiles for the New York Times, securing his first book contract at age 26.

He was encouraged in his writing by then-Doubleday editor Jacqueline Onassis, who would later write: "I've known Glenn for some years and am his great admirer. He's witty, articulate, and has this uncanny ability to draw people out and gain their confidence."

His literary debut was a cause célèbre- the first-ever biography of the legendary pianist Vladimir Horowitz- published in the U.S., Canada, England, France, Germany, Japan, and Finland.

Plaskin's Horowitz book was hailed by the Ne"w York Times as "a well-researched biography that will throw much light on Horowitz the man and the artist." The Los Angeles Times opined: "It is done well, even masterfully." The Chicago Tribune: "An absorbing well-written and well-balanced portrait... as delicious as a good detective thriller."

Thereafter, the author established himself as one of the nation's leading celebrity interviewers. As the Celebrity Service International wrote: "When it comes to the brutally competitive world of celebrity journalism, no one is more successful at nailing down the big names than entertainment reporter Glenn Plaskin."

Among Plaskin's interviews with film stars, politicians, TV personalities, and media figures are classic profiles of Harrison Ford, Robert DeNiro, Mary Tyler Moore, Peter Jennings, Danielle Steel, Paul Newman, Carol Burnett, Leona Helmsley, Christopher Reeve, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Bill Gates, Colin Powell, Bill Cosby, Mike Wallace, among hundreds of others.

In recent years, Plaskin has gone beyond celebrity interviewing to writing articles and books focused on service, self-help, and inspiration. He has worked with many of the leading figures in this genre.

Visit the author's website and read the full story at and

How much it costs

Writing a book is a decision that requires a significant commitment of time and energy. To make the process efficient and enjoyable, I engage you in a conversational dialogue, a sequential process that allows us to capture the unique nature of your story and writing style. You Talk, I Write. The memoir, or non-fiction book, I create is a dramatic, detailed account of your life or work.

Fees are based upon the length of the manuscript, the amount of time involved, the extent of the research, the supplementary interviews required, and the project’s deadline.

Prices Available Upon Request for:



Celebrity Memoir/ Corporate Portraits

Autobiographical Scrapbook, a short-format book of 50-75 pages, written in 90 days or less,  Learn more.

Here's all you need to do

Be ready to tell me your story, sharing your thoughts in detail. Be willing to make the commitment to turn your idea into a finished book. And envision yourself as a published author.

Congratulations on your decision to write your book!

I would be delighted to chat with you and hear your book ideas. Call now or send a message below for a free 20-minute strategy session with Glenn.

For more information about how to become a published author:

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