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A Book Launch Hit Out Of The Park: RUNNING WITH MY HEAD DOWN

After months of writing a book—recording and transcribing interviews, composing multiple drafts, plus the editing and copy-editing—it’s finally time to PUBLISH!

This is the fun part of book writing–the final result of a huge amount of work.

At last, rather than just reading your book on a computer screen, you can hold in your hand an actual printed book, the tangible result of your vision.

I can never forget the time I held my first book, the biography of legendary concert pianist Vladimir Horowitz. The book took 3 ½ years to write, and at last, it was done.


And so it is for FRANK FIUME, a pioneer in the youth sports industry and founder of i9 Sports, nation’s leading franchisor of youth leagues and camps.

After almost a year of intense work, Frank has finally completed his personal memoir, RUNNING WITH MY HEAD DOWN, a riveting motivational memoir that reveals the secrets to finding your life mission.


Here is the riveting story of a boy from a tenement apartment in
Queens who was obsessed with the game of baseball.

He becomes a super-fan who
idolized the Yankees and devoured player statistics, collecting vintage
cards and organizing backyard leagues.

As he matures, he turns this passion for the game into a life purpose. Laser-focused, with nothing to lose, he runs toward his goal with his ‘head down,’ defying skeptics, ultimately becoming a pioneer in the youth sports industry.

Best of all, through all the ups and down of his life, he presents the reader with prescriptive strategies for enhancing personal success and happiness. 

Unlike any other author I’ve ever known, Frank is pulling out all the stops to hit a literary home run.


For starters, he’s hired the preeminent digital marketing guru in the U.S.. His name is Ken Gillett of Target Marketing, a cutting edge company that collaborates with such bestselling authors as Ray Dalio, Howard Marks, and Hillary Clinton.

Frank is also allied with Greenleaf Book Group, which has one of the best distribution networks in the U.S..

His book will be available in Barnes & Nobles, for pre-order on AMAZON,  and in every airport bookstore in the nation.

And that’s just the beginning, as all Frank’s TV, radio, newspaper and media appearances will be coordinated by Smith Publicity, which specializes in business book marketing, self-help book promotion, non-fiction book publicity and sports PR.

In his public speaking appearances, Fiume discusses the secrets to building a business from the ground up, entrepreneurial leadership, corporate life cycles, and the importance of personal development via seminars and retreats.

Frank’s speaking points include:

The Entrepreneur Identity Crisis: How to overcome the self-limiting belief that your identity is your business.

The Lonely at the Top Syndrome: How to build a solid relationship with your employees without losing your authority; and the secret to overcoming CEO isolation

The Executive Burnout Phase: Identifying the signs of mental and physical overload and utilizing powerful techniques for restoring life balance.

The Affluenza Affair: How to recreate the spark in your business in order to feel the same ambition and hunger as you once did.

The Fundamentals of Franchising: Determining how and when to franchise your business, preparing for the peaks and valleys along the way.

The Critics and Crisis: How to handle internal company crisis and external criticism.

The Influence of Family and Friends: How to deal with a skeptical support network—and what to do when their advice, values, and judgments don’t match yours.

The Spiritual Awakening: How to expand your self-awareness through a passionate commitment to personal growth and self-care. What’s driving all this? Frank, who is As Frank demonstrates, when you have a passion and purpose, and when you’re laser-focused upon it, anything is possible.

Talk about getting your money’s worth! Don’t miss it.





Creating A Time Capsule Of History

The 32-year-old historian/activist Wes Enos

I recently met the charismatic Wes Enos, executive director of The Generations Project, who is preserving precious memories of LGBTQ history by producing story-telling events, filmed in front of live audiences, featuring a fascinating panel of people with unique life experiences.

It’s all to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising and a half-century of LGBTQ+ liberation.

Wes, who recently appeared on the cover of Gay City News, has a deep-rooted affinity for history.

As the article states: The enterprising young activist founded the history-minded group in 2015 with the aim of bridging what he saw as the widening chasm between young and old queer generations.

And the prime building blocks for those bridges take the form of shared histories through highly personal stories — whether happy or harrowing — about the LGBTQ experience.

“History has a history of being forgotten,” the 32-year old Enos said. “When history is not shared, it is lost. Our community has not had the resources or social acceptance to have our heritage recorded properly. Now we have all the resources available.”

Enos concedes that when he started the not-for-profit endeavor, he knew nothing about the watershed Stonewall uprising. He’d heard of it, but didn’t grasp its historical impact.

By creating an inclusive, safe space for dialogue, vital queer history is passed down to younger generations and the LGBTQ community is fortified.

“Our community has been missing a platform where older adults are valued and their stories acknowledg­ed,” said Enos. “The best way to build our community is to share our history and make sure our stories are passed to the next generation.”

The platform created by The Generations Project consists of workshops and shows, where stories are presented in front of a live audience and recorded. The group has collected over 100 stories and staged more than 15 storytelling shows, with more on the calendar.

Past shows have centered on themes such as HIV stigma, the history of Gay Pride, personal and historical “first times,” and how fashion has contributed to LGBTQ visibility.

One of the most memorable for Enos was Melissa Sklarz, an out transgender woman long active in progressive politics who failed to win her election bid last year for a New York State Assembly seat in Queens. She was hoping to be the first ever transgender member of the State Legislature.

“Regardless of our age, we all have a desire to learn from someone younger or older than ourselves,” Enos said. “The best way to learn is to connect with people of different ages.”

As part of the mammoth Stonewall 50 celebration this June, The Generations Project is joining forces with the New-York Historical Society to create the Stonewall 50 Time Capsule, to be stored at the NYHS for 50 years. But it’s not your typical time capsule.

“I like 50 years because I’m an environmentalist and am concerned about the future,” Enos said. “Some people say they might not be around in 20 or 30 years. Well, let’s write about that in the time capsule. Let’s record our positive intentions for a world we want in 50 years. What do we need to do now to make that happen?”

My Interview with Elizabeth Taylor, who is holding the AIDS mask

Maybe one day I’ll share my story of coming to New York in the 80’s to create a journalism career, being fortunate to interview everyone from Jacqueline Onassis and Nancy Reagan to Meryl Streep and Elizabeth Taylor. That was when the AIDS crisis was at its height, and millions were threatened with no treatments. Stay tuned.

Meeting with Nancy Reagan at the White House during the height of the AIDS epidemic

For more information, check out the group’s website at or contact Wes Enos directly at [email protected]­erationspr­