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Capture Your Story– And Publish It Now

Everyone has a book inside them…just waiting to be written.Magic book

In fact, 81% of all Americans say they want to write a book, but never knew how to get started.660_typing

Whether it’s a memoir, a family history, or a book about  business, you have a unique story, but no easy way to tell it.

Rather than spending months, or even a year or more laboring over a 300-page book, with months of interviewing and research, there’s a faster, more affordable option.

In fact, a concisely dramatic book of 75-100 pages can be finished in 90 days. This is the perfect GIFT for: The Holidays, Family Reunions, Birthdays, Business Landmarks, Wedding Anniversaries, and Remembrances For Those Departed. 

Using my process of flash interviewing, instant transcription, and professional editing, a dream becomes a reality, and quickly.

The result is an Autobiographical Scrapbook memories2, putting down on paper your unique memories, using  your own voice and reminiscences from your family and friends. This is a picture of your life. This is YOU, and those closest to you, talking anecdotally about the highs and lows, the triumphs and disappointments, all of it told in a fluent, dramatic narrative.

Here are your stories about the people who were most influential in your development,  your views on the world—the history of your work and your relationships, your first loves, alex-pettyfer-gabriella-wilde-endless-lovethe discoveries,ss the trips you took, your family’s beloved PETS–bb-code-for-forums-url-http-www-imagesbuddy-com-cute-little-dogall of it captured once and for all.

The result is a professionally-published volume, printed on demand in whatever quantities you like, complete with black and white or color photos and/or illustrations and copies of important mementos collected over a lifetime. Gift-wrapped and ready for any occasion.

Some may remember the NBC hit show—This Is Your Life— in which a celebrity is surprised on-air and taken through his entire lifetime in front of a life audience, with appearances by colleagues, friends, and family.

Now you can have a literary version of the show—a narrative scrapbook of memories, a lasting legacy, and a fun tribute, to all you’ve experienced.



On The Radio: Never Let A ‘Low’ IQ Stop You From Meeting A First Lady

NEVER listen to anyone who denigrates your potential. As a kid, I did~and it almost ruined my life, dimming my prospects.

glennkidWhen I was in 5th grade, my mother and I were pulled into the Principal’s office to discuss the ramifications of my D- average: “Don’t feel bad,” the genius told my mother. “Although your son has a low IQ, garbage collectors can be happy too.”

Great advice! It was a TURNING POINT that would forever change my life. And years later I wrote an entire book titled TURNING POINT, about how every one of us faces trials and crises. How do we get through them? And what do we learn? 519TzPxk1PL._UY250_

The humiliation of being called stupid stayed with me for years. You can see it in my shaky smile from a class pictureGlennteeth.

And as my mother said just yesterday: “That principal was unbelievably mean and stupid….I was  appalled at the time by what he said.”

Compounding my misery was the abuse I took for years from bullying male classmates.

Gym class was a horror. Getting beat up and pushed around was commonplace. And  I had no way of fighting back effectively, either verbally or physically.

Nor were there teachers who intervened, as they might today, aware that traumatizing any child that way is unacceptable.

And thereafter I escaped into fantasy, what some might  call “visualization,” imagining a greater, more glamorous life, hoping that one day I’d do something notable that would prove my worth.

I  spent hours escaping into magazines, reading about the lives of movie stars and politicians.  I was particularly fixated on then-First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Everything she did seemed magical to me.b5b9d34b5bb72c7c9cca056ab450443e 7523ef4199faabffbf313d36c0c194b6

I dreamed of one day of even meeting her. How ridiculous it must have seemed. There she was the most famous woman in the world; and here I was, just a kid in Buffalo with a low IQ! I had as much chance meeting her as I did appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show. Her glamour was beyond imaginable. b995a842837e8b8d8cefe60883d2ef29[And how incredulous when years later I was on the phone with her and meeting her for lunch. She would even write a letter of recommendation for me.]

Flash forward: In a RADIO INTERVIEW released today, I explain to the host Kevin Horek, a journalist for TechZullu and an upcoming media personality, how it all happened—how I came to New York with no friends, no money, no job, and no writing experience–and how I sold my first book anyway, the BIOGRAPHY OF VLADIMIR HOROWITZ.  We also talk extensively about the process of ghostwriting and how the entire process works. 51S14Ix4f9L._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_

I always say, if I could do what I did—anyone out there with a dream to succeed and perseverance can do it too.

Poison words like these must be dismissed: ‘You’re too young…or too old….too skinny or too fat….too dumb or uneducated….it’s never been done.” And one of my all-time favorites: “Get Realistic.”


Kick Me In The Wheels, and Lift Up My Hood

Creating a full-length book for a  client is like constructing a house from the ground up, or like manufacturing a car–both of which have thousands of moving parts.

A typical non-fiction memoir has  65,000 to 100,000+ words, with multiple chapters organized into a cohesive structure, each sentence customized to create momentum and interest. The process takes months of work, sometimes more than a year, including creating a story board, a chapter line-up, hours of tape-recorded interviews, transcription, composing text, followed by multiple re-writes, editing, and copy editing.

So what should writing a book from scratch cost? In the magazine world, for a seasoned writer, a fee of $2 per word is not uncommon. In the book world, it ranges from $1 to $2 per word, depending on many factors–the length of the manuscript, the number of months involved, the extent of the research, the supplementary interviews required, and the project’s deadline.

But remember, regardless of cost, creating a book is not just a business, but an art. It’s like commissioning a painter. In centuries past, great noblemen (and women) imagesMona_Lisa,_by_Leonardo_da_Vinci,_from_C2RMF_retouchedwould have a self- portrait created by a master artisan in the court who could capture their aura,  facial expression and body language, down to every wrinkle on a silk blouse or leave on a background tree.

Writing a book is no less detailed an art. So when choosing a ghostwriter, you must look at their past “portraits”–their track record, published work, style, and, not least important, their reputation on the Internet.

In addition, as I’ve said in a previous blog, CHEMISTRY between the Author and Ghostwriter is  paramount. Your personalities should click. There needs to be a natural conversational rapport between you, a meeting of the minds, with both people on the same “wave length.” If you’ve got that–you’re well on the way to building a compelling book that will attract readers to it.

Before the work begins, there must, of course, be a discussion of price. It’s not quite like buying a car–though authors should feel free to kick me in the wheels and lift up my hood, as they examine my background.

Unlike an automobile assembly line, books cannot be made in duplicates, following a cookie cutter approach. ford-model-t-assembly-lineEach book is unique. So you must choose your ghostwriter carefully. For starters, in my case, check out my Official Web Site, My Latest Book, and the site exclusively for Ghostwriting.

In any case, this is the assessment period and it’s important. So feel free to ask lots of questions.

In the end, you can find someone to write a book for almost any price imaginable, just as you can buy a used car for almost nothing or pay into the six figures for a top-notch car.

No matter what, first things first. Define your budget, then find a great writer who fits into it, someone who is reliable and consciousness, experienced, and produces work that captures your voice and message.

Like a fine piece of furniture,quality and workmanship are top priorities, davidroentgenattributes that will stand the test of time, creating your legacy–and increasing the likelihood of substantial book sales.

Typing Or Talking: Which Will It Be?

Unknown-1Before starting work on any book, it’s essential for me to understand YOU.

How do you most effectively communicate your ideas and express yourself? What makes you come alive?

Some people are natural talkers. Their thoughts just pour out of them in a stream of consciousness, one thought flowing logically to the next. No problem.

Whether they’re talking on the phone or delivering a speech, they perform extemporaneously, spinning their ideas into an integrated whole.

670px-Talk-With-a-Deeper-Voice-Step-1In fact, if you ask a natural talker, often an extrovert, to type out or write out their ideas, they often stiffen up. Their natural rhythm is thwarted. Why? Because typing or composing in long hand either slows them down or inhibits them.

Many critique what they’re SEEING, trying to make it perfect as they go, rather than allowing their thoughts to flow—and having them edited later.

One of my celebrity clients, a motivational speaker, would always tape-record his initial thoughts for a chapter in advance of our work together. This recording would capture the essence of his vision.

j-k-rowling-writingOther authors, however, articulate their thoughts and emotions effortlessly while TYPING or WRITING it all out in long hand. JK Rowling, for example, says she “still likes writing by hand. Normally I do a first draft using pen and paper, and then do my first edit when I type it onto my computer. For some reason I prefer a black pen to a blue one, and in a perfect world I’d always use narrow feint writing paper.”

VanityFairColorJackie Collins says: “I write in longhand. I want that black felt tip pen and I want that yellow legal pad and I’m good to go anywhere in the world.”

For a memoir, authors often present their initial writings in the form of a journal, a diary, or a daily log. It’s almost as if they think through their fingers, their thoughts flowing naturally onto the screen or paper. Often, as introverts, these authors would prefer to initiate their ideas in a tangible form.

So which are you—a talker or a typer? Most ghostwriting clients, I find, would prefer to be INTERVIEWED, allowing me to steer the conversation and extract from them all the detail needed for an expressive chapter. These conversations are recorded and transcribed and form the essence of the raw material that will ultimately be refined for the book. Remember: What you write is a lasting legacy. Home-page-logo

However, if you’d prefer to write out your thoughts, inevitably, we STILL need to do conversational interviews to supplement what we have.

No matter what you do—talk or type or longhand– a ghostwriter then FILLS IN, EXPANDS,  REWRITES and ENHANCES the narrative, turning something interesting into something magnetic.

86In the end, my job as a ghostwriter is to SQUEEZE the juice from the orange, extracting everything I can in order to capture your thoughts and emotions in a compelling way. So before we even begin, we always experiment a bit and see which method works best: A phone call? An in-person interview? Reading already-prepared written materials?

Once we settle on what works best for YOU—the  magic begins.