Everyone has a book inside them…just waiting to be written.Magic book

In fact, 81% of all Americans say they want to write a book, but never knew how to get started.660_typing

Whether it’s a memoir, a family history, or a book about  business, you have a unique story, but no easy way to tell it.

Rather than spending months, or even a year or more laboring over a 300-page book, with months of interviewing and research, there’s a faster, more affordable option.

In fact, a concisely dramatic book of 75-100 pages can be finished in 90 days. This is the perfect GIFT for: The Holidays, Family Reunions, Birthdays, Business Landmarks, Wedding Anniversaries, and Remembrances For Those Departed. 

Using my process of flash interviewing, instant transcription, and professional editing, a dream becomes a reality, and quickly.

The result is an Autobiographical Scrapbook memories2, putting down on paper your unique memories, using  your own voice and reminiscences from your family and friends. This is a picture of your life. This is YOU, and those closest to you, talking anecdotally about the highs and lows, the triumphs and disappointments, all of it told in a fluent, dramatic narrative.

Here are your stories about the people who were most influential in your development,  your views on the world—the history of your work and your relationships, your first loves, alex-pettyfer-gabriella-wilde-endless-lovethe discoveries,ss the trips you took, your family’s beloved PETS–bb-code-for-forums-url-http-www-imagesbuddy-com-cute-little-dogall of it captured once and for all.

The result is a professionally-published volume, printed on demand in whatever quantities you like, complete with black and white or color photos and/or illustrations and copies of important mementos collected over a lifetime. Gift-wrapped and ready for any occasion.

Some may remember the NBC hit show—This Is Your Life— in which a celebrity is surprised on-air and taken through his entire lifetime in front of a life audience, with appearances by colleagues, friends, and family.

Now you can have a literary version of the show—a narrative scrapbook of memories, a lasting legacy, and a fun tribute, to all you’ve experienced.