A Book To Turbocharge Your Life

Have you ever felt stuck in life? And disappointed about the way things are going?

The dreams you imagined for yourself have not yet come to fruition. Why not? What’s truly holding you back?

“The real obstacle to fulfillment is the way we’re thinking about ourselves, our limiting beliefs,” says health and prosperity coach Chris Salem, a renowned corporate strategist and keynote speaker who offers a powerful program for aligning health and wealth.

In his bestselling book, Master Your Inner Critic, the former sales executive-turned wellness advocate reveals the secrets to turbo-charging every aspect of life.

He directs our attention to what he calls the 8 Pillars Of Wellness: social, emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, intellectual, occupational, and environmental.

For example, if we’re not hitting home runs in our love lives, finances, or careers, why not?

“Inevitably, the force holding us back,” says Salem, “is not fate or bad luck or lack of talent or opportunity. The obstacle  is limiting beliefs,” unconscious negative messages absorbed in childhood that persist into adulthood affecting everything we do.


In his revealing book and in seminars, Salem shows you how to pinpoint the “root cause” of that limitation, usually a childhood event or a relationship with a parent or authoritative figure. What happened back then must be understood and healed in order for us to thrive today.

“Otherwise,” he says, “we live on autopilot, plagued by negative emotions like anger, shame, guilt, jealousy, envy, or any combination.”

In fact, he notes, “we often recreate situations to re-experience those same feelings without even realizing we’re doing it.”

In Salem’s case, he used to get angry very easily, triggered by traffic or almost any life situation that irritated him. Eventually, he discovered that the ROOT CAUSE of his own limitation was the unresolved anger and resentment he felt for his father, which was being sublimated onto others.

To assuage the pain of feeling it,  he battled drug and alcohol addiction for 12 years. Ultimately, it was only through a combination of 12-Step recovery programs, Eastern meditation, and journaling that he finally healed his childhood demons and recovered in order to fulfill his greatest potential.

Happiness today with wife Maria and son CJ


“So often, our inner critic is thwarting our happiness,” he says. “What we need to develop is our inner champion, that positive voice that reinforces the best in us, encouraging us forward in life to create the consistent habits and discipline that lead to prosperity.”

As a master of emotional intelligence, Salem nowadays brings these kinds of insights into companies in order to enhance workplace engagement and communication and company morale too.

As a committed dad who realizes the profound impact of parenthood, he has also co-partnered to create a revolutionary movement called Empowered Fathers In Action. Read all about it here. It boosts the spirit and morale of every father and child.

But most important, it’s your own morale that counts today, so register for the next seminar Chris is giving—or invite him into your company. In the meantime, check out his radio podcast, DISCOVER YOUR TALENT, DO YOU WHAT YOU LOVE.

A Happy Father And Son

Chris can be the positive voice in your ear–the coach, the dad, the mentor you’ve always wanted.