Ghostwriting A Book In Paradise

As a ghostwriter for celebrity clients, you go TO the job—it doesn’t come to you.

And you never know where your mission will take you, so your passport better be updated and ready.

I’ll never forget an invitation to join one of my clients on 6-week writing trip to the Gold Coast of Australia, known as Surfer’s Paradise. There, along the Pacific Ocean, we spent weeks writing and refining the first chapters of an inspirational book intended to cultivate emotional fitness and inner strength.

After a 21-hour flight in first class on Quantas, complete with a comfy bed compartment, 3 movies, and dinner, we were soon landing in the middle of March, trading the winter of New York for 80-degree days and endless sunshine.

My home away from home? One of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in—The Star Grand at The Star Gold Coast, Broadbeach, a 5-star property with 10-star hospitality.

Living Room, aka Writing Central

I was given one of the penthouse suites, a 1500-square foot apartment with a luxurious bedroom, the biggest sunken tub I’d ever seen, and a large living room with 180-degree views of the Gold Coast skyline with wraparound floor-to-ceiling glass.

The suite also included a bar, a powder room and a huge dining room table which became WRITING CENTRAL for the project.

Not to mention State-of-the-art room automation system, which senses and manages your preferred lighting levels, room temperature, window drapery controls and service requirements.

If you want to stay in shape, the gym offers personal training, yoga, boxing, spin, Pilates, Zumba and body pump classes!

The hotel complex also includes a 2000-seat theatre which hosts the biggest shows on the Gold Coast, such as tribute bands, musicals, international comedians and entertainers, and show movies three times a week.

But beyond the facilities, one of the tests of any hotel—(or any cruise line, such as the one a recent client raved about in a suite in The Haven of Norwegian Cruise Line)—is the kind of meticulous attention to detail, whether it’s room service, maid service or beyond. And this hotel delivered on all fronts.

There’s so substitute for human warmth—and that’s what you get here. On top of that, let’s not forget the 6 yummy restaurants—fresh sashimi from Kiyomi, lobster at Nineteen at The Star, mouth-watering pizza at Cucina Vivo, and more informal dining at the Garden Kitchen & Bar and Harvest Buffet.

Though I don’t gamble, the casino is certainly fun to walk through, and you can leave it with your wallet intact if you just take in the atmosphere.

All in all, I give The Star Grand my 5-star Glenn P Thumb’s Up! And best of all, the room was QUIET–essential for writing.

As I sat at my laptop, I could totally concentrate, only distracted occasionally by the endless views of the Pacific.

The book flowed out effortlessly–and I  credit the hotel for inspiring me-and giving me a home away from home.

11 thoughts on “Ghostwriting A Book In Paradise

  1. My name is David Curtis Mutter. As a veteran Piano Bar Entertainer, performing aboard luxury cruise ships for more than half my life, I meet many people who express the desire to write and publish a book, but feel totally incapable of undertaking such the task. After reading Glenn Plaskin’s many books and articles, I can honestly say that anyone would benefit from his expert assistance. Glenn’s mastery of conveying the gist and emotion of virtually any context into pedestrian-friendly terms is nothing less than extraordinary. I know of no one more experienced and capable of helping someone’s literary dream become a reality.

  2. Mira Basladynsky

    Glenn’s commentary is not unlike French pastry — light, bright and sophisticated, leaving one wanting just a bit more.

  3. Jack

    Very insightful and some great travel tips, love Glenn P’s diverse feedback on his varied experiences and wealth of great information. Has a great way with words! Highly recommended!

  4. Debra

    Glenn makes me feel like I’m with him on his adventures. When it comes to traveling in style, Glenn’s words of wisdom are always spot on with his travel tips and reviews on the best destinations!

  5. Paul Huberdeau

    For writing that’s informative, insightful and as warm as a zephyr on the promenade deck, there’s no question: it’s Glenn Plaskin.

  6. M. Poole

    Accomplished author and ghostwriter Glenn Plaskin has shared valuable insight into going where a path may lead you and adhering to the paradigm of “carpe diem”. In this blog Plaskin immerses himself in his surroundings and uses them to help provide inspiration for writing. His review of his surroundings provides just a small sample of his ability to create vivid imagery. Over the years I have made it a point toreview several of Plaskin’s writings and he never disappoints.

  7. Jason VanOra

    Glenn’s travel log is indispensable. He always gives the reader an insider view. I always follow Glenn’s traveling advice, on land or sea. Thank you, Glenn!

  8. Zachary Humphries

    Glenn’s insights into ghostwriting and his travel adventures never cease to amaze me!

  9. I received your book “Katie” from my wonderful friend Debra (your sister!) for Christmas. I absolutely loved reading it! Your writing style made me feel as if I were part of the family. I prepared myself with a box of tissues nearby as I knew I would be sobbing by the end of the story. And of course I was. Instead of just putting your book on my bookshelf I will share the love and pass it along!

  10. Michael Penn

    I want Glenn’s job! Nice tight piece of writing here in the Aussie paradise. Captures the feel of this luxurious hotel, while communicating the realities of the job of writing, which he does so well in this and his other blog entries (who wouldn’t in the 1500 sq. ft. penthouse suite overlooking the Pacific Ocean!) . . . well, many people, I’m afraid. Writing is a tough job, and one that I did as a travel and features writer for a bunch of years. Yes, the environment always helps to inspire the words on the page, but it’s no substitute for the hard work that it takes to craft a well-written sentence, and Glenn gets the job done . . . and then some, it seems, with the vast body of work he’s produced.

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