Canadian entrepreneur Carinne Chambers-Saini isn’t just the co-founder and CEO of Diva International, the pioneering company that manufactures the world’s #1-selling menstrual cup, an eco-friendly and wildly popular alternative to reusable pads and tampons.

She’s also an executive producer, an author, a philanthropist, and a mother of two!

Diva International co-founder and industry disruptors, Carinne Chambers-Saini and her mother, Francine Chambers

Check this out: The vibrant 40-year-old, who just won the prestigious Women Of Influence TELUS TRAILBLAZER AWARD in Toronto, operates a corporation that sells DivaCup to 22 foreign countries and to 65,000 U.S. retail outlets.

She also oversees Diva’s philanthropic arm, Diva Cares.

Next year she’s publishing a memoir, An Inner Revolution, a project we’ve been working on for months.

And not least important, THIS WEEK, she’s unveiling a ground-breaking documentary film titled Pandora’s Box, which is lifting the lid on a critical human rights issue, a topic just covered by the Toronto Sun in an interview with Carinne.

Making its world debut this week at the Whistler Film Festival, and expected to land in the U.S. by next year, this film, which Carinne Executive-produced, shines a shocking spotlight on the barriers faced by millions of menstruating people around the world who do not receive the menstrual products they desperately need, nor are they treated with respect.

“In Canada alone,” says Carinne, “over half the nation’s women have missed school or work because of their period. The power of our documentary is that it unveils a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of discrimination, misinformation, and pain, revealing impactful stories that need to be told, raising the public consciousness about the period experience. I’m so proud of this monumental piece.”

As we learn in the film, the pervasive lack of access to menstrual products (and to education about​ reproductive health​) means that millions of people are subject to prejudice and deprivation, a topic being covered extensively in the media.  ​

As The Georgia Straight just wrote: “The film’s timeliness in tandem with the #MeToo and fourth wave feminist movement cannot be underappreciated. The insanity of punishing the bodily function primarily responsible for bringing life into the world is a salient example of global sexism and the patriarchy’s policing of women’s bodies. Menstruation provides an accessible departure point to talk about these larger systemic issues and Pandora’s Box gets it absolutely right.” 

To address this, Pandora’s Box​ features interviews with ​ activists, innovators and thought leaders, all part of a movement to battle period poverty around the globe. ​

Pandora’s Box​ also weaves together seemingly disparate stories from girls and women of all ages, interviews shot on location in India, Africa, England and beyond.  We meet the extraordinary Kenyan mother who once had to sell her body in exchange for sanitary napkins and now runs a business making reusable pads; European policymakers fighting for menstrual equity; even a marathon runner who triggers a global reaction after running the London Marathon without protection, ‘free-bleeding’ as a shock statement of pride.

Trust me, this film will shock and inform, while also inspiring us with stories that touch the heart. Millions of girls and women around the world have been suffering for generations. And at last, it’s truly time for An Inner Revolution, shaking up the status quo with a film that will rock your world.

With Diva International founders Carinne and Francine Chambers in Toronto as Carinne wins the TELUS TRAILBLAZER AWARD