Do you ever play a dangerous game called compare and despair?

You look around at your friends, family, or colleagues and feel like their lives are going so better than yours!

If ONLY you had what they have—such a great job, an attractive partner, a better body, perhaps better social skills, or a bigger car.

Beyond the materialistic, some of them seem happier too, less stressed and more confident and content.

In short, why don’t we measure up? Why do we feel as if we don’t have enough, and don’t do enough. We’re just not enough.

You might tell yourself it’s because you didn’t catch the right breaks, or go to the right schools, or because you don’t have enough money, or you’re not attractive enough, on and on.

What’s really keeping us from the life we most want?

That burning question is brilliantly answered in a groundbreaking new book, YOU DESERVE IT: The Missing Answer To The Life You Want, written by renowned inspirational speaker and mindset coach Dr. Josh Wagner. As a pioneering author, speaker, and mentor, Wagner demonstrates in his debut book how deep, unconscious undeserving belief patterns are the main obstacle that stand in the way of our happiness.

So if you’re feeling stuck, burnt out, or frustrated because you’re no further along in life, this book is a must read: In short: What we tell ourselves we deserve is exactly what we wind up getting!

So if anything is stopping US from being happy—IT’S US!

“Your reality is a total reflection of what you believe you deserve in life,” says Wagner, a New York City-based chiropracter who has coached thousands of fellow physicians about how to deliver an exceptional new patient experience. In the course of this work, he was led to an even greater mission, digging deep into the roots of happines.

In his research, he spent decades reading self-help books, enrolling in coaching courses, and visiting therapists, all until he discovered this simple truth: “A deserving (or undeserving) state of mind transmits signals to the entire world around you, dramatically affecting your success rate and ultimate destiny.” Why does this happen?

As we grow up, we often inherit toxic, self-limiting beliefs that plant an undeserving seed within us. We feel we’re not good enough, that we don’t belong or fit in, or that something is intrinsically wrong with us. Most often it’s an inherited falsehood from our parents. This was exactly the case in Dr. Wagner’s life, a painful chapter that he shares with candor in his book. In fact, having healed himself and created new boundaries in his relationships, it’s probably one of the reasons he was passionately driven to write the book.

Author Dr. Josh Wagner

So here, in a precise easy-to-use guide, Dr. Wagner leads the reader through his revolutionary 3-step Deserving Process, that combines clear explanations, doable action steps and practical exercises. He also offers real-life accounts of people who have been miraculously transformed by shifting their ingrained beliefs about what they deserve, proving that self-sabotage is the root of all limitation. Once the book was finished, Josh brought the manuscript to me for a complete edit, critique, and review. And it was my pleasure to work with him on refining it, producing a book that will make a difference in people’s lives.

Remember: The body we’d like, the job of our dreams, the ideal mate and the perfect circle of friends are all within our reach. You Deserve It! And what better time to start this journey than now?