A Book Launch Hit Out Of The Park: RUNNING WITH MY HEAD DOWN

After months of writing a book—recording and transcribing interviews, composing multiple drafts, plus the editing and copy-editing—it’s finally time to PUBLISH! This is the fun part of book writing–the final result of a huge amount of work. At last, rather than just reading your book on a computer screen, you can hold in your hand … read more

Creating A Time Capsule Of History

I recently met the charismatic Wes Enos, executive director of The Generations Project, who is preserving precious memories of LGBTQ history by producing story-telling events, filmed in front of live audiences, featuring a fascinating panel of people with unique life experiences. It’s all to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising and a half-century … read more

The X-Factor, Soon To Become A Book

In a world riddled with continuous strife and violence–school shootings, terrorist attacks, nuclear threats, foreign wars, and personal acts of hatred—-what is the true CAUSE of it all? What’s driving this madness? Is it just politics? Philosophical or religious differences?  Xenophobia? It goes even deeper. In order to heal underlying causes of all this craziness, … read more

A Check Up From The Neck Up

Ever feel like you’re going C-R-A-Z-Y?! Stress is coming at your from every direction. So instead of feeling confident and in control, you’re frazzled and highly reactive to events around you. Like a car skidding on ice, your emotions are driving you, instead of the other way around. Forget anti-anxiety drugs and years of psychotherapy. … read more