Backstage With Trump

It all started at the Phil Donahue Show in December l988. There I was, in the green room, interviewing Donahue for a Family Circle magazine profile. And one of the guests on his show that day was the 42-year-old mogul Donald Trump, then rapidly expanding his empire with casinos, hotels, an airline, you name it. I … read more


Turning A Ford Into A Ferrari

Determined first-time authors are sometimes able to sketch out an entire first draft of their book, capturing the basic themes, and even the overall chapter structure. But while many of the fundamental ideas are laid out on the page, the result is not yet a finished book. As Ernest Hemingway once bluntly put it: “The … read more


Tony Robbins Uncensored

In between writing books, nothing compares to interviewing world figures for Playboy, the  venerable magazine that  features the most extended interview format in publishing today. Don’t just read it for the pictures! Everyone from Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King to Tom Cruise and Barbra Streisand have done the Interview–and in the September issue, on … read more


Chemistry Counts When It Comes To Choosing Your Ghostwriter

A few years ago, as a contributing editor at Family Circle, I had the pleasure of interviewing bestselling author Tim Sanders, who, at the time, had just released a book titled: The Likeability Factor. Tim, a trailblazer in publishing, has now created a brand-new web site, NETMINDS.COM, unique in bringing together authors and publishing professionals in … read more